Tuesday, 17 December 2013

50 IDEAS: What to blog about?

Do not know what to write?

Running out of ideas?

Well here are some of the topics that I suggest you might be interested in blogging about.

1. Do you have any high school experiences that changed your life? Or something memorable that until now you can't forget? Blog about it. :)

2. Ever watched a movie and it sucked as hell, creeped you out or you disliked it? Tell us what movie was it any why you did not like it. :)

3. What is your favorite food? Do you know how to cook or not? Tell us what and why. :)

4. The last time you left home. What did you do? Where did you go? What did you see? What happened?

5. Ever told a lie and did not get away from it? or even if you got away from it tell us about it. :)

6. What is the hardest thing you've been through? Tell us a story.

7. Top 10 things you can't handle. One example is cockroaches or slimy stuff.

8. Your day. What you did from waking up in the morning until sleeping at night.

9. We all have this one. What is your most embarrassing moment?

10. Make a letter to your 16-year old self. Give yourself advices.

11. Imagine that you are a celebrity and you will be having a dinner party. Who would you invite?

12. Weird things you do when you are alone.

13. What were you thinking the first day/time you started blogging?

14. What is the most difficult decision you have made in your life?

15. 8 things you learned when you were a kid.

16. List of beliefs as a kid but then when you grew up, you realized it isn't true. (example: When you eat the seed of a watermelon, it will grow in your tummy.

17. Write a letter to your mom, dad, siblings.

18. The things you want to do and do not want to do before you die.

19. What was the last thing that made you cry?

20. What is the most memorable childhood memory you ever had?

21. How have you changed in the past 2 years?

22. Something funny. Like the worst Christmas or Birthday you ever had.

23. What's your facebook status in the year 2019?

24. What's your addiction?

25. Your opinion on people who are cheating on other people.

26. Something you are currently worried about.

27. When was the last time you met a complete stranger? What happened?

28. Blog about your fashion style. What kind of dress, bags, looks, hairstyle, shoes do you like?

29. So far, what have you learned about life?

30. What's on your mind right now?

31. Something important that you lost.

32. Bad habits of yours of bad habits of others that you don't like.

33. What people think about you, their first impressions and what you think you are.

34. You only have one day to live, how will you spend it?

35. Write a 'Thank you' note to things. Example the TV or the fridge.

36. A guide to the place that you live in.

37. What do you want to be when you grow up (more) ^_^

38. Write about something that you found recently.

39. Create a menu for the last meal of your life.

40. Post a review on anything. A movie, a blog, something you ate, a restaurant, book you just read, an application, a phone.

41. Post something about asking for an advice and get people to comment.

42. Your favorite room in your house and why you love it. You can also post the room that you dislike and why.

43. Have a secret that you have never told anyone before?

44. Write about a person you like and why you like them.

45. Something disgusting that you do.

46. Write about your views on drugs and alcohol.

47. What are the 10 ways to win your heart?

48. Top 10 things that you can't go out without.

49. The last argument that you had.

50. Something or someone that never fails to make you better.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

9 days till Christmas!

Have you thought about what to do this Christmas? Well I haven't thought about it yet.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

Note: I researched this over the internet and so I'm going to write something about it.

1. Christmas caroling.

     This is fun especially when you are with your friends. Make sure you have a pleasant voice or else you won't get any "Aguinaldo." (haha just kidding) I haven't tried this yet. In the 21 years of my existence, I have not tried this. I am missing a lot right? :( Sadly, my mom won't let me join other kids when they go Christmas caroling. I don't even know why.

2. Visit old friends and new friends.

     Have an old friend that you haven't seen for a long time? You both have a lot of catching up to do and Christmas is the best time to do it. First, there is an occasion. People tend to reschedule those simple gatherings because there's no reason for doing so. Christmas is the best time. It makes you feel good too. Aside from the warm feeling of Christmas in the air, you made someone smile and feel good about themselves.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Narrow-minded people suck

Hi. The time right now is 6:48pm.. December 1, 2013.

Ita-taglish ko para mabilis. Kung mababasa mo to ngayon, gabi ng December 1 ko ito sinulat.

Punung puno na ako. Bakit ganun? To start the story. Let me tell you about our kasambahay. I already had a blog about this a few months back but I am having another problem with a different person at dalawang tao po ito. Nakakainis, parang kami pa may kasalanan. Bakit? Ganito kasi yun.

Una sa lahat, yung mag-ina. Majority siguro ng mga amo hindi tatangap ng katulong na mag-ina diba?  Pero kami tinanggap namin dahil naawa kami at malapit naman sila samin. Mag-aasikaso sa gawaing bahay pero dahil nga may anak sya, hati ang atensyon nya.

Okay naman sila nung una nilang dating dito.. pero kalaunan, uncontrolled na yung iyak ng anak nya. Iiyak mga 5am.. so nagising na ako nun. Pagkatapos hindi na ako makatulog sa kakaiyak nya na parang sirena. so maya maya tumigil din.. after ilang hours iyak nanaman. halos every hour umiiyak sya ng walang dahilan. Nagrereklamo na din yung mga kapitbahay kasi hindi daw sila makatulog kasi aga aga ang lakas ng iyak. Nakakarindi.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Weird things I do when I'm Alone

Good morning. I got this topic from a 30-day blog challenge. Since I'm running out of ideas, I googled about those blog challeges 'cause I was hoping I could get an idea there. So I did! :)


Usually, I write a blog. Writing blogs when there's people around me don't really work out. So I don't write blogs when there's people around.

Second, when there's no internet connection, I either play with my iPad or stare at the ceiling. Haha! That's right. While staring at the ceiling, I tend to imagine a lot of things like being a famous singer, having my own concert or a millionaire and I imagine things that I could buy. Haha! Usually, I listen to songs and I imagine that I'm the one singing it in concert or in a music video. Haha! Yeah. I'm weird. I know.

At times, when I'm tired, I sleep. ^__^

Well, nothing much to say now. Haha!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Where will the relief goods go?

     Sabi sa news by December ihihinto na daw ng DSWD ang pagdistribute ng mga relief goods sa mga nasalanta ng bagyong Yolanda. According to them, gusto daw nila na matuto ang mga tao dun na tumayo sa sarili nilang mga paa.

     If that's so, saan mapupunta yung mga natirang mga relief goods na hindi nabigay?

     Nakakapangduda lang. Saan nila dadalhin yun kung hindi lang din naman nila ididistribute?

     Weird lang. Tsaka madami pang lugar lalo na yung mga looban na barangay na hindi pa napapasok at napapadalhan ng mga relief goods.

     Sayang naman kung ganun. Sana wag nilang sayangin yung mga efforts ng mga tao na nagdonate. At wag na wag naman sana nila ibulsa.

     Tapos ayaw pala ng DSWD na may mga private individuals na namimigay ng relief goods dun sa Tacloban kasi daw kailangan yung mga tulong dumaan muna sa kanila. Yung truck ng relief goods dumadaan sa kalsada, may nagmamakaawa na makahingi ng makakain, HINDI YUN MAIBIBIGAY SA NAGMAMAKAAWA DAHIL KAILANGAN PA MUNA DUMAAN YUNG RELIEF GOODS SA DSWD. Tingnan mo nga naman yan tapos eto mababalitaan mong ihihinto na nila ang pagbibigay ng relief goods.

      Lahat ng nagdonate ay umaasang mapupunta lahat ito sa mga survivors ng Typhoon Yolanda. Kaya sana yung mga nagiging tulay sa pag-distribute, ayusin nila trabaho nila.

Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm back.

So apparently, I'm back. When the last PBA Conference had ended, so as me writing in this blog. And I decided to focus on instagram. Well, business reasons.

BUT TADAAHHH! I am back, writing and kicking. (kidding on the second one)

I have also been busy with my networking business. I am trying it out! Finally!

So what else. (Actually, this is the reason why I can't even post a single thing. I don't know what to say!)

Anyway, yeah im back and I promise I will post something! Something sensible. Yeah. Ok.

Thanks for reading my blogs!

Suggest topics please :) thank you :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Tagal ko na pala di nakapag-blog. Medyo naging busy lang sa online business. hehe!

hmmm, i have to think of a topic to blog about pa. ^_^



Sunday, 25 August 2013

Panalo Ginebra kahapon!

Yes! tinalo ng Ginebra ang Meralco kahapon. Kung gusto nyo replay meron dito sa blog ko, check nyo lang sa blog archive. :) Nakuha ko lang yun sa youtube, hindi yun sa akin. Ok? Thank you sa nag upload nun. :)

Isang madilim na kuha ng pizza. 

Bago kami umuwi ng bahay, bumili kami ng Thin Crust Pizza. Hawaiian Flavor. Kakainin sana namin habang nanonood ng laban ng Ginebra vs Meralco kasama ng isang malamig na Pepsi. Pagdating namin ng bahay, ayun, NGANGA, walang kuryente. Kailangan pa namin tawagan ang MERALCO para sabihin na ibalik na ang ilaw namin dahil manonood kami ng laban ng Ginebra at MERALCO. Hahaha! What a coincidence. LOL!

So, super nainis ako kahapon at hindi ako mapakali. Second game ng Ginebra at hindi ko mapapanood. malapit na mag 5 pm nun at hindi pa din umiilaw. Napagod ako sa sobrang pagkainis at nakaidlip. Pag gising ko 6pm na wala pa ding kuryente. Sabi ko, wala na, tapos na yung game. Wala na akong mapapanood. Sabi ni hubby sa akin, "Pumili ka na lang. Wala tayong kuryente ngayon pero mananalo ang Ginebra, o may kuryente tayo pero panalo ang Meralco?" Sabi ko naman, "Sige, walang kuryente at panalo Ginebra! Manonood na lang ako ng replay." Haha! talagang gagawin lahat manalo lang Ginebra eh! Yan tayo eh!

Teka, bago ko ituloy yung kwento, eto yung ginawa ko habang naghihintay magka-ilaw.

Haha!! Thank you nga pala sa hubby ko para sa shoes ko. Hehehe!

Fast Forward.

At nagka-ilaw din. Saktong pagbukas ko ng TV eh start ng 4th Quarter. At nanalo din ang Ginebra. Ayun.

Si LA Tenorio player of the game. yun ba yung term? sa sobrang dami ko iniisip di ko na maalala. haha! :))

At ayun, kasabay ng pagbabalik ng aming kuryente ay ang unang pagkapanalo ng Ginebra sa Governors Cup. 1-1 na! Never Say Die!

Ang saya! :)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 4th Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 4th Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 3rd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 3rd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 2nd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 2nd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 1st Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Meralco (August 24, 2013) 1st Quarter

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Isang tula.

Ginawa ko to ngayon lang. hehe :) magandang umaga po. :)

Never Say Die! Yan ang Ginebra!


Ako po si Jo Annmarie Mercado. Isang baguhang fan ng Ginebra.

Bago lang po ako kaya't hindi ko masasagot lahat ng mga tanong ninyo at hindi rin ako makapag-trivia ng kung anu-ano tungkol sa Ginebra bukod sa hindi ako si Kuya Kim. hehehe! Simpleng taga-shoutout lang at taga-follow ng mga kapwa ka-barangay sa Twitter. (follow nyo ako @AnnMercOfficial) Masaya na ako dun. :)

Pero mula nung naging fan ako, that's 3 months na, naging masaya ang lahat. Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng ganitong fandom, yung solid, masaya, welcome na welcome ka, walang mas mataas, walang mababa, pantay-pantay.

Ang ingay pag may game. Napapamura ka man pag di naka-shoot, enjoy naman -- MANALO o MATALO. Kahit matalo, hindi iniiwan ang team. Solid, loyal.. Forever Ginebra. Walang iwanan. :) Grabe, bilib ako sa samahan ng fandom na ito. Naalala nyo nung last commissioners cup kahit natalo tayo ng Alaska eh mukhang Ginebra pa din nanalo kasi umuwi na ang iba pero nanatili pa din ang mga Ginebra fans para i-cheer ang team dahil naka-second place ito. Yan ang WALANG IWANAN. Yan ang tunay na kaibigan. Yan ang totong tao!

Hindi ko pa nararanasang manood ng live pero dahil lagi akong nanonood sa tv, nararamdaman ko yung chill o yung kakaibang pakiramdam na kasabayan mong sumisigaw at nagchi-cheer sa paborito mong team ang milyon-milyong Ginebra fans sa buong Pilipinas kasama na ang mga Pilipinong nasa ibang bansa. Nkaka-uplift ng feeling. Nakaka wala ng bad vibes. Nakaka-high. Parang droga lang, nakaka-high. Haha! Basta sa sobrang sarap ikaw na ang bahalang magdefine ng feeling.

Napasulat ako ng blog entry. Gusto ko lang ilabas ang kasiyahang nararamdaman ko. Ngayon ko lang naranasan to. Iba talaga kapag Ginebra ka! :)

Yung mga haters? Hindi ko na pinapansin yan. Wala na ata akong napapansing ganun, dahil naka-focus ako sa positive. Dahil sa sobrang high ka sa kasiyahan, dedma na ang mga negatibong vibes na yan. :)


Ilan lang yan sa mga hashtags na pinagtuunan ko ng pansin mula kahapon. Daming nagparticipate ang saya!
Patuloy lang po akong nagfa-follow at nagsha-shoutout ng mga kapwa Kabarangay. Kahit ilang beses na akong na-twitter jail dahil sunod sunod akong magtweet, okay lang. Masaya naman ang mga kabarangay ko, masaya na din ako. :)

Kayo, anong Ginebra experience nyo? :) comment nyo. (at dahil wala naman masyadong nagco-comment sa blog ko, naaawa ako sa sarili ko haha joke lang, kayo bahala kung gusto nyo magcomment o hindi hehehe!)

Mahal ko mga Ginebra fan friends ko! :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 4th Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 4th Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 3rd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 3rd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 2nd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 2nd Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 1st Quarter

PBA Governors Cup Ginebra vs Petron (August 18, 2013) 1st Quarter

Sunday, 11 August 2013

How should I react?

Last year, I had this issue sa school. Actually, hindi ako ang may issue, yung "best friend" ko kuno na nagkalat ng kung anu-ano tungkol sa akin. Nagsimula yun nung hindi na ako pumapasok dahil nga umalis ako sa amin dahil punong puno na ako. That's another issue. Anyway, ayun, hindi na nga ako pumapasok, may nangyayari pang ganun.

Lahat ba naman ng mga prof pati ang dean namin, sinabihan nya ng kung anu-anong negative tungkol sa akin. At etong IBANG mga prof naman, NANIWALA AGAD. Wtf pa Communication and Broadcasting grads sila. Diba dapat, alamin mo muna ang BOTH sides of the story bago ka magjudge?.. Pati si Dean hinusgahan ako. Nagsumbong lang yung gaga na ni-threaten ko sya, naniwala naman agad tong dean at sinuportahan pa ang pagblotter sa bf ko. Shet. Kung alam nyo lang ang tunay na nangyari.

Actually, until now, naka-save pa din ang mga below-the-belt messages nya sa akin. To mention some, "Pokpok ka ng bayan e!" "Traydor ka!" Eh nung tinanong ko kung bakit, wala naman syang masabing dahilan. Hindi na nga nya ako nakikita sa school tapos puro ganyan pa. At eto, dahil nga below-the-belt na yung pagtext nya ng "pokpok ka ng bayan" nalaman ng bf ko at gusto ng bf na tawagan sya just to clear things up, na hindi pokpok ang gf nya at tatanong sana namin kung bakit nya nasasabi ang mga bagay na yun. We called her. All she said was "Hello? Hello?.. wala akong marinig eh.. Mahina signal dito".. The next day nalaman na lang namin na na-blotter na pala bf ko dahil ni-threaten daw, at ni-ban pa si bf sa school. WTF talaga.

Yung ibang mga kaklase ko naman, sabi nila pinapatawag daw ako ni Dean. Eh pag pumapasok ako, ilang beses kami nagkakaharap ni Dean, never naman sya nagmention. NEVER NYA AKONG PINATAWAG kahit alam nyang kaharap na nya ako. Actually naghihintay lang ako kasi gusto ko din sana magexplain. Ayoko naman maunang pumunta sa Deans Office kasi baka naman isipin nila na guilty ako.  Medyo malaking issue na yung pag-blotter ha tapos parang dedma lang nung nandun ako. dafvck.

Madami pang sinabi. Hindi ko na matandaan lahat, o kinalimutan ko na lang lahat dahil hindi ko naman ikauunlad kahit patulan ko pa sila. Syempre, mataas ang posisyon, mas may power kahit ipaglaban ko pa na ako ang tama. Ganun naman lagi eh. Kaya mula nun, never na akong bumalik sa school na yun. Alam ko may utang pa ako sa tuition pero madali na lang i-settle yun.

Ang ayaw ko lang, pati yung ibang mga kaklase ko hinusgahan ako. NEVER din nila akong kinausap. Never nilang pinakinggan ang side ko. I was only a text away. WALA. NGANGA. Kaya naniniwala ako na mahirap talaga maghanap ng tunay na kaibigan. Kung kelan down ka, pag-iisipan ka pa ng kung anu-ano at basta na lang maniniwala sa iba dyan na BEST ACTRESS pa naman.

Kaya yan ang title ng entry ko na ito, dahil yung dean na kinaiinisan ko, namatay kahapon. Hindi ko alam kung paano magreact. Hindi naman ako masaya, hindi rin ako malungkot. Minsan ko nang nasabi sa sarili ko na hindi ko na lang sila papatulan dahil alam kong mabilis ang karma. Tapos ganto. Iba ang feeling. Hindi ako masaya, hindi rin ako malungkot.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Sino ang EPAL?

Haha. May umaway sakin sa twitter. Tinarayan ako. Nakakatawa lang kasi dahil sanay na ako sa mga ganyan, di ko na pinapatulan ng masama, tinatawanan ko na lang tapos susubukan kong maging chill lang yung usapan pero hindi naging effective. Toink. Talaga atang masama ang kanyang ugali. LOL!

Di ko na ipopost ang picture nya dito kasi yung DP nya cute, pero mukhang edited kasi sa ibang pics nya, pangit naman. Hahaha! Kaya eto na lang ang username nya:


Natawa naman ako dun sa POKS. LoL!

Ito yung convo namin kagabi..

Ayan. Hahaha! Oh, sino ang epal samin? Una, kahit sumingit ako, I was happy, not bullying and HINDI SYA ANG KAUSAP KO, MY GOD! Nakalagay na nga ang pangalan ng kinakausap ko eh. Si Momon. Haha! Kahit naka-reply pa yung tweet ko kanya, eh dalawa naman sila naka-mention at binanggit ko name ng isang friend ko.

Tapos biglang ganun. Haha! Ako pa daw ang epal. Sino kaya ang biglang sumulpot na parang kabute sa mentions ko at nagpapa-followback? hahaha! Pwede nya naman dedmahin na lang yung pang-aasar ko kay Momon eh.. diba? tapos famewhore pa, nagmamakaawa ng followback sa kung sino sino. LoL!

Inggit lang siguro yun sabi nga ng mga friends ko. Una, maganda ako. Hahaha!! (Joke lang).. Pero eto seryoso, kahit hindi naman ako kagandahan, maganda naman ugali ko. Hindi ako marunong magtaray at simpleng bagay lang yun juskopo. Parang ang laki laki ng problema nya sa buhay. Haha!

Mukhang bata pa sya. Immature pa. LOL! Mahirap yan, pag bata pa ganyan na ugali, wala na gamot yan. Hahaha!

Sya si Jhane Pokss. Baka naman sya ay isang.... tooot. nevermind. hahaha!!

Matapos na nga itong blog! haha! :))

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pacquiao for President?

Naku po eto nanaman.. kababasa ko lang sa news, interesado daw si Pacman maging susunod na pangulo ng bansa. Ano sa tingin nyo?

Para sa akin, jusko po tama na. Lahat na lang papangarapin mo. Sa buhay, you can't have it all. Natalo na nga sya sa huling laban ni Bradley eh. Bilog ang mundo. May next laban pa sya pero tingin nyo tatangkilikin pa kaya ito ng mga Pilipino katulad ng pagtangkilik sa kanya noon?

Then ito, may balak pa syang tumakbo sa pagka-presidente. Tama na po.  Ang dami na nanyari sa buhay nya sana makuntento na lang sya dun. Kahit hindi ako pabor sa pagpalit nya ng religion, wala akong magagawa, choice nya yun.

Mayaman na sya, ang dami dami na nyang mga karanasan at tagumpay sa buhay. Hindi ba nya nanaisin na mabuhay ng simple lang?

Ako nga, magkaroon lang ako ng kahit 5 million, ilalan ko sa business at iba pa, ok na ako dun. Kahit di na ako mag-artista pr what, focus na lang ako sa business ko at simpleng buhay. Para sa kanya barya lang ang 5 million dahil bilyon ang naipapanalo nya sa mga laban nya at bukod dun kahit matalo man sya milyon milyon pa din ang nakukuha nya. So manalo, matalo, may perang nakukuha.

Bakit ganun, may mga taong hindi pa din kuntento sa buhay. Pag walang-wala sa buhay, nangangarap na magkaroon, pero nung biniyayaan na ng madaming pera, gusto pa ng mas madami pa. Haaayy... Ang sarap kaya mabuhay ng simple lang. Walang worries, may privacy at magaan sa kalooban.

At walang magpopost ng ganito tungkol sayo.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Our Kasambahay (wag basahin kapag kumakain)

Hi. I've been bothered lately about our kasambahay. Actually, today sinabihan na namin sya na pwede na syang umalis, well, in a way na hindi sya masasaktan. And nakahanap na din kami ng kapalit nya na mamayang gabi na darating. Naawa ako pero wala naman akong magagawa dahil sinayang nya yung pagkakataon, dahil inabuso nya ang ibang mga bagay.

Kung nagtataka ka kung anong mga nagawa nya why I didn't want her to stay anymore, eto ang mga dahilan:

1. Nahuli ko syang tinungga yung personal bottle ko sa fridge.

For some of you whose lazy to get a glass for you to drink, you might have your own personal bottle sa fridge para when you're thirsty, diretso tungga na lang. BUT of course it is PERSONAL, so only you can use it. Pero ayun nga, nahuli ko sya tinungga yung bottle ko, pero swerte nya mabait akong amo, hindi ko sya pinagsabihan harap harapan, dahil hindi ako ganung tao. Nasasaktan din ako pag alam kong may magagawa akong makakasakit sa kapwa ko. Masyado akong sensitive. Maswerte sya. Siguro sa ibang amo niratratan na sya. Anyway, siguro 2 to 3 times ko na sya nahuling ginawa yun, hindi nya alam na nakikita ko sya because nasisiip ko lang sya sa butas na square sa divider namin. Pinagbigyan ko sya. Hinuhugasan ko na lang yung bottle ko pag nakikita kong ganun. Pero, diba, what if kung hindi ko nakikita?

For the third time, napikon na ako. I gave her so many chances already. Iniisip ko na sana man lang matauhan sya o ma-realize man lang nya sa sarii nya na mali yung nagawa nya. Konsensya ba. Pero wala. Maswerte pa din sya hindi ko sya kinompronta dahil hindi ko nga ugali yung ganun. Kinuha ko yung bottle, tinapon ko lahat ng tubig then nilagyan ko ng Joy at iniwan ko sa lababo. Then I went upstairs, (medyo padabog), then narinig nya at ng isa pang kasama ko sa bahay na si Ate Bevs.

Sabi ni Ate Bevs sakin, tinanong nya daw si Ate Kasambahay kung ano nanyari sa akin, kung bakit kaya ako nagdabog. Then sabi daw ni Ate Kasambahay na baka akalain ko daw na tinungga nya yung bottle ko sa ref. Eh nilagyan nya lang daw ng tubig. Ate Bev is a lot older than Ate Kasambahay parang mag-ina ang age gap nila. So, pinagsabihan ni Ate Bevs si Ate Kasambahay. Sabi hindi nya daw talaga tinungga yun. Pero kinabukasan, AYUN! UMAMIN DIN.

Nag-sorry sya sa akin. Eto ha, nag-sorry sya sa akin kagigising ko lang. Tapos sabi nya uuwi na daw sya sa kanila at huwag ko daw isipin na dahil yun sa ginawa nya. Tapos later on binawi din nya. Ganun din ginagawa nya sa personal bottle ni Ate Bevs sa fridge.

2. Okay, hindi na sya tumungga, nagbabaso na sya. After nyang gamitin yung baso, binabalik na nya agad sa lagayan ng mga plato. WALANG HUGAS HUGAS. Minsan hinuhugasan pero hindi sinasabunan.

Last night nakita ko ulit yun. I was so disappointed dahil wala namang improvement. Ilang beses na din syang pinagsabihan ni Ate Bevs, ayaw matuto. 

3. Yung mga personal bottles, dun sya kumukuha ng water na ilalagay sa pitsel. Sinasalin nya sa pitsel yung tubig na galing sa mga personal bottles. TInatamad ata kumuha sa gallon. 

Una, si hubby ang nag explain, tapos tinanong ni Ate Bevs si Ate kasambahay kung ano yung ibig sabihin ng hubby ko na "salin salin" (pero of course alam na ni Ate Bevs yun kunwari lang hindi nya alam)..  Sabi ni Ate Kasambahay kay Ate Bevs, "Ah baka yung ano.. (please refer to #3)" Oh diba nagets nya agad. Sabi ni Ate Bevs, "aba hindi ko ginagawa yan. Ginawa mo ba?" sagot naman nya "Hindi ate."

This time, pinagsabihan ko na talaga sya. Hindi pa din sya umamin kay Ate Bevs. Sabi ko, "Ate, pag nagkulang na ng tubig sa pitsel, wag mong sasalinan ng galing sa mga iniinuman natin na pansarili. Nakita kasi kita kagabi na ginawa mo yun."

Parang natakot sya. Sabi ko nga kay Ate Bevs, kung umamin na lang sana si Ate Kasambahay sa kanya, hindi ko na sya kukumprontahin ng ganun. Pero nakita ko kasi sya at hindi pa din sya umamin.

4. Yung parang towel na nakasabit sa ref, para lang sa KAMAY yun, pero si Ate Kasambahay, pinamumunas pati sa mukha nya. After maghilamos, dun ang diretso nya.

Sinama ko na yan nung pinagsabihan ko sya regarding #3.

5. Yung toothbrush ng anak ni Ate Bevs, ginagamit nya.

Oh diba, san ka pa? nanggagamit ng toothbrush ng may toothbrush. Tapos sa bata pa. Ano na lang kaya ewwww.

6. Kwento ni Ate Bevs. Kumakain sila nun, si Ate Kasambahay, maglalagay sya ng tubig sa baso, tapos iinuman nya, tapos ibibigay nya kay Ate Bevs.

Kung ikaw yun, tatanggapin mo ba yung baso? LOL! Una, hindi tayo magkamag-anak para magshare tayo ng iisang baso. Hindi rin naman tayo sobrang close. At higit sa lahat, ang dami daming baso bakit parang kailangan isa lang ang gagamitin?

7. Kwento pa din ni Ate Bevs, (readers discretion is adviced)... NAGTITINGA sya sa harapan ni Ate Bevs pag kumakain sila. yung walang takip takip ha, yung biglang sundot lang sa ngipin. 

Sorry kadiri eh. Kaya may warning na ako sa title pa lang ng blog entry na ito.

8. Habang kumakain din sila, nagpapagpag naman sya ng buhok nya. Eh ang daming kuto nun. (sorry ulit kung kadiri)..

Syempre diba, dapat itali mo buhok mo habang kumakain kung meron ka man mga aliens sa ulo mo.
Yuck as in dun na ako nandiri talaga.

9. Nung minsan na nagbigay ng spaghetti na masarap yung kapitbahay namin.. eh di dinala na yung plato sa loob. Then, kumuha na si Ate Bevs ng isa pang plato para sa kanya saka sya kumuha dun sa plato na may spaghetti para kainin nila ng anak nya. Aba, itong si Ate Kasambahay, dumiretso ba naman kain dun sa plato na binigay ng kapitbahay. Hindi man lang kumuha ng sarili nyang plato. Eh si Ate Bevs, gusto pa kumuha ng spaghetti hindi na nya magawa kasi ng kinainan na ni Ate Kasambahay yung mismong plato.

Wala na ako ma-comment dito dahil mga experience yan ni ate bevs kasi sila naman lagi magkasama.

10. After maligo ni Ate Kasambahay, yung damit nya na nagamit na, binabalik nya sa cabinet nya. Tapos gagamitin ulit.

Kaya pala may amoy sya palagi. Di kanais nais na amoy.

11. Ilang beses na nagluto ng spaghetti si Ate Bevs, so dapat kabisado na ni Ate Kasambahay kung paano magluto nun dahil tinuturuan naman sya. Nung minsan pinabantayan ni Ate Bevs yung spaghetti na pinakukuluan para lumambot, binantayan nanan ni Ate Kasambahay. Oo binantayan nya, BINANTAYAN NYANG MASUNOG.

12. May mga times na tulala sya, wala sa sarili.

Naku delikado yan lalo pag nagluluto. Gasul pa naman gamit namin.

13. Minsan yung sukli hindi nya sinasabi na sobra.

Naku, pag ganyan may possibility na mangupit kasi kahit simpleng barya lang yun pera pa din yun.

Madami pa akong masasabi pero sobrang haba na nitong blog entry na to at hindi ko na din matandaan lahat lahat. Wala naman akong magagawa kasi ayaw nya naman matuto. Sinayang nya yung mga pagkakataon na sana tinama nya kahit hindi kami nakatingin. Hindi ko makalimutan yung lumiyab yung gasul dahil sa kanya. kasi nakabukas pa pala yung switch bigla nyang binuksan yung mismong gasul. Buti na lang walang nanyari. Wala kasi sya sa sarili. Tinuturuan naman sya sa lahat ng bagay pero sadyang ayaw nya lang matuto, at wala syang effort magtanong man lang kung paano.

Aalis na sya mamayang 7pm, sana kung ano man maging trabaho nya, may natutunan sya dito samin. At sana kung ganun din magiging trabaho nya, sana mabait din amo nya at sana wag nyang abusuhin yon.

Sorry haba ng post ko. Naalala ko lang ikwento.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Okay, I got this picture from google. That is called S'mores from The Iscreamist. An ice cream (i think) store somewhere in East Diliman, QC.

First of all, I have no idea what that tastes like. I've been searching it on google since yesterday and it's basically grahams, chocolate and marshmallows. I don't know what that smoke is called but reviewers say that it is very cold.

I got the address of the store and I'll drop by tomorrow to try that.  Haha! Pretty cool huh.

Have you tried it? Is it addicting?.. 

I must say from the way it looks, its yummy! :)

You might want to try it too. 😊

Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford Breakup

Felt so sad. I thought everything between them was never ending. Nakakagulat sa totoo lang. Fan na fan ako ng relationship nila. Yung feeling na, pati ikaw nararamdaman mo na akala mo perfect na, akala mo ok na ang lahat tapos matatapos lang din sa wala. Wala pa silang sinasabing rason as of now and Nikki isn't ready to talk about it yet.

They are a cute couple diba? Who would have thought na ilang taon din ang inabot nila then mahihinto din. Everything seemed.... perfect. Sayang.

Well, life goes on. Let's just be happy for them kung yun ang magpapalaya sa kanilang kalooban. Sometimes, yung mga akala nating totoo na, it's not meant to be pala. If you are not for each other talaga, then hindi kayo magkakatuluyan pero sabi nga nila, kung kayo, kayo talaga and destiny will always find a way for the both of you to end up with each other.

Let's move on even if this news is quite shocking, well, if you have been a witness of their love when they were still in a relationship.

I still love them both. Great artists!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Toxic Faith

     I've been reading Bro. Bo's blogs and so I decided to make a reflection and write something about his latest blog entry "Get Rid of Toxic Faith".

     First, I did not know that term. I did not know about this thing called "Toxic Faith". I didn't know it existed until I read Bro. Bo's blog and understood what that is and I would like to share it with you.

     When I was younger, I thought that God would punish me or I'll receive "karma" if I forget to pray within the day. As I grew up, my mother taught me that God is not like that.

     So a person with Toxic Faith thinks that when he/she wasn't able to pray or attend mass, God will punish him/her. Indeed I know some people who tells me that if I miss a day of prayer, I will be punished by God and I will be thrown into hell immediately when I die. It was scary then but later on, I told them that God is a forgiving God. He still loves a person even if they are not prayerful. God is not demanding.

     I have a lot of hardships and failures in the past but I know God loves me because I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for his guidance. I'm just 21 and I am happy that I am already receiving this freedom from toxic faith. I hope many people will realize this earlier than I did because I know it feels good when you are molded into good faith at a very young age. God would be so proud of you.

    I hope you can avoid toxic faith too.

    God Bless everyone. :)

     I know I'm not a good writer. Try to visit Bro. Bo's blog at he explains it better than I do so you can understand it easily. :)

Sunday, 26 May 2013


     This morning as I turned on the television, I was able to watch Bo Sanchez in his Sunday Kerygma episode. I was moved. Every word he said moved me and made me realize what a simple world this is. He had an activity, a personality test so I grabbed a paper and a pen. I'm one of the melancholic ones. Those who are reserved, perfectionist, etc. While he was explaining the strengths and weaknesses, I was like, "Hey that's me! that's me!" 

     He said that God will use our transformed personality to bless the world. Wow. Everyone has a unique personality. Everyone is unique, from the shape of our thumb, our face, our fingerprints. Even twins have unique characteristics. That made me realize that God really loves us so much because he created us in a unique way.

     When the program was over, I decided to check out his website and read his blogs. His first two blogs was very inspiring and I could not stop reading. It's like I thirst for more. I wonder where he got his ideas. It seems like he never runs out of it.

     A great inspiration indeed. If you are finding something that can motivate you in life, try to read his blogs and subscribe to his newsletters. You won't regret it. Just go to . 

     Many years have passed and I kept on searching for something that can help me with my spiritual health. Thanks to Bro. Bo, I now have something to reflect everyday. His words both in his talks and blogs are easy to understand. That's what makes it more interesting and inspiring to read.

     Hmmm, what else? I am thinking about my grammar. Hehe! It's been a long time that I have written serious english blogs. My grammar may not be that good now. I'll cope up on that one. I'll just have to read and read and write a lot again.

     Let me leave you with a phrase that struck me the most today.


     God bless everyone. :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday fun. :)

     This  is my third blog using my iPad. :D Today I bought a wireless keyboard. I get lazy when using the iPad keyboard. Haha! That'll ruin my I-want-to-write-a-blog mood. This is cool! Haha! I think I'm going to get a PC tomorrow. I'm not sure though.

     Anyway, I want to upload pics of today but this iPad says that I need to download Google+ so it's still downloading until now. XD 

     I saw a Ford Mustang this afternoon in the parking area of the Ever Gotesco Mall.

     Uhrrgh! If the download doesn't finish after I have written this blog, I'll just post the pictures tomorrow. Some pictures are in my instagram so you might want to check it out. It's "annmercadoofficial"..

     I played billiards today and I am oh so getting better. Haha! Watch out! XD

     Hmmm, what else?..

     This entry is a total disaster. Haha!

     That will be all. Goodnight.

Friday, 10 May 2013


    Nagbago na isip ko. Di na ako magpopost ng entry tungkol kay Coleen Perlas. Parang panira ng blog yun. Haha! Kahit na sabihin nating trending yun, sa pangit na paraan naman.

     Anyway, 3 days na lang eleksyon na. Sinong bobotohin mo?..

     Wala pa akong maisip i-blog.. XD

     May laban ata Ginebra mamaya. Manonood ako.

     Naiuwi na nga pala si Wackie. Ayun naka-dextrose pa din sya, ayaw pa din kumain at uminom ng tubig pero maliksi na sya.

     Yan na nga lang muna. :))

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Good Morning!

     I am back! Got busy with a lot of things. Lalo na sa business. Sold a lot of cars na. Enjoy din naman. :) I am using my iPad mini which I have won sa isang raffle. Haha. Swerte diba?.. Who would have thought magkakaganito pa ako. This wasn't part of my plans. Although I wanted something like this eh hindi ko pinilit magkaroon nito.

       Sayang kagabi, natalo Ginebra. Pero sabi nga nila, NEVER SAY DIE! babawi pa sa 4th game. :) Got addicted with PBA this past month. Di ko akalain na mahihilig din ako sa basketball. Noon kasi hindi talaga ako interesado. Then biglang adik na agad haha!

      Last weekend pala may Billards tournament sa Star Mall. Media Edition. Sponsored by Star Mall and Mrs. Cynthia Villar. Kaya tinawag na Villards. Hehehehe!! Sayang at di kami nakapasok sa finals pero muntik na. 50k pa naman premyo. Sayang! Dun ko napatunayan na pag meron kang hindi nakuha, papalitan yun ni Lord ng mas maganda. kaya eto, di man kami nanalo sa tournament, nanalo naman ako ng iPad mini + Cellular. :)

       Malapit na pala birthday ko, hindi ko pa nararamdaman. Hahaha! Ok na to as a birthday gift. :)

      Ano pa ba ikukwento ko, hmmm, ayun namatay pala yung isang aso ko, si Oreo. Yung isa naman, si Wackie, nakaadmit pa ngayon. haay. Grabe iyak ko nung nawala na si Oreo. Uso daw kasi virus sa mga aso ngayon. Buti pa mga pusa at askal ang titibay ng resistensya. Naka-dextrose si Wackie ngayon nandun sa vet. 2nd day na nya dun. Sana gumaling na sya.

      Trending nga pala kahapon yung Coleen Perlas. Pero separate blog na yun. Ayoko isama dito. :))

      Anyway, I'm back everyone!! :)