Monday, 27 May 2013

Toxic Faith

     I've been reading Bro. Bo's blogs and so I decided to make a reflection and write something about his latest blog entry "Get Rid of Toxic Faith".

     First, I did not know that term. I did not know about this thing called "Toxic Faith". I didn't know it existed until I read Bro. Bo's blog and understood what that is and I would like to share it with you.

     When I was younger, I thought that God would punish me or I'll receive "karma" if I forget to pray within the day. As I grew up, my mother taught me that God is not like that.

     So a person with Toxic Faith thinks that when he/she wasn't able to pray or attend mass, God will punish him/her. Indeed I know some people who tells me that if I miss a day of prayer, I will be punished by God and I will be thrown into hell immediately when I die. It was scary then but later on, I told them that God is a forgiving God. He still loves a person even if they are not prayerful. God is not demanding.

     I have a lot of hardships and failures in the past but I know God loves me because I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for his guidance. I'm just 21 and I am happy that I am already receiving this freedom from toxic faith. I hope many people will realize this earlier than I did because I know it feels good when you are molded into good faith at a very young age. God would be so proud of you.

    I hope you can avoid toxic faith too.

    God Bless everyone. :)

     I know I'm not a good writer. Try to visit Bro. Bo's blog at he explains it better than I do so you can understand it easily. :)

Sunday, 26 May 2013


     This morning as I turned on the television, I was able to watch Bo Sanchez in his Sunday Kerygma episode. I was moved. Every word he said moved me and made me realize what a simple world this is. He had an activity, a personality test so I grabbed a paper and a pen. I'm one of the melancholic ones. Those who are reserved, perfectionist, etc. While he was explaining the strengths and weaknesses, I was like, "Hey that's me! that's me!" 

     He said that God will use our transformed personality to bless the world. Wow. Everyone has a unique personality. Everyone is unique, from the shape of our thumb, our face, our fingerprints. Even twins have unique characteristics. That made me realize that God really loves us so much because he created us in a unique way.

     When the program was over, I decided to check out his website and read his blogs. His first two blogs was very inspiring and I could not stop reading. It's like I thirst for more. I wonder where he got his ideas. It seems like he never runs out of it.

     A great inspiration indeed. If you are finding something that can motivate you in life, try to read his blogs and subscribe to his newsletters. You won't regret it. Just go to . 

     Many years have passed and I kept on searching for something that can help me with my spiritual health. Thanks to Bro. Bo, I now have something to reflect everyday. His words both in his talks and blogs are easy to understand. That's what makes it more interesting and inspiring to read.

     Hmmm, what else? I am thinking about my grammar. Hehe! It's been a long time that I have written serious english blogs. My grammar may not be that good now. I'll cope up on that one. I'll just have to read and read and write a lot again.

     Let me leave you with a phrase that struck me the most today.


     God bless everyone. :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday fun. :)

     This  is my third blog using my iPad. :D Today I bought a wireless keyboard. I get lazy when using the iPad keyboard. Haha! That'll ruin my I-want-to-write-a-blog mood. This is cool! Haha! I think I'm going to get a PC tomorrow. I'm not sure though.

     Anyway, I want to upload pics of today but this iPad says that I need to download Google+ so it's still downloading until now. XD 

     I saw a Ford Mustang this afternoon in the parking area of the Ever Gotesco Mall.

     Uhrrgh! If the download doesn't finish after I have written this blog, I'll just post the pictures tomorrow. Some pictures are in my instagram so you might want to check it out. It's "annmercadoofficial"..

     I played billiards today and I am oh so getting better. Haha! Watch out! XD

     Hmmm, what else?..

     This entry is a total disaster. Haha!

     That will be all. Goodnight.

Friday, 10 May 2013


    Nagbago na isip ko. Di na ako magpopost ng entry tungkol kay Coleen Perlas. Parang panira ng blog yun. Haha! Kahit na sabihin nating trending yun, sa pangit na paraan naman.

     Anyway, 3 days na lang eleksyon na. Sinong bobotohin mo?..

     Wala pa akong maisip i-blog.. XD

     May laban ata Ginebra mamaya. Manonood ako.

     Naiuwi na nga pala si Wackie. Ayun naka-dextrose pa din sya, ayaw pa din kumain at uminom ng tubig pero maliksi na sya.

     Yan na nga lang muna. :))

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Good Morning!

     I am back! Got busy with a lot of things. Lalo na sa business. Sold a lot of cars na. Enjoy din naman. :) I am using my iPad mini which I have won sa isang raffle. Haha. Swerte diba?.. Who would have thought magkakaganito pa ako. This wasn't part of my plans. Although I wanted something like this eh hindi ko pinilit magkaroon nito.

       Sayang kagabi, natalo Ginebra. Pero sabi nga nila, NEVER SAY DIE! babawi pa sa 4th game. :) Got addicted with PBA this past month. Di ko akalain na mahihilig din ako sa basketball. Noon kasi hindi talaga ako interesado. Then biglang adik na agad haha!

      Last weekend pala may Billards tournament sa Star Mall. Media Edition. Sponsored by Star Mall and Mrs. Cynthia Villar. Kaya tinawag na Villards. Hehehehe!! Sayang at di kami nakapasok sa finals pero muntik na. 50k pa naman premyo. Sayang! Dun ko napatunayan na pag meron kang hindi nakuha, papalitan yun ni Lord ng mas maganda. kaya eto, di man kami nanalo sa tournament, nanalo naman ako ng iPad mini + Cellular. :)

       Malapit na pala birthday ko, hindi ko pa nararamdaman. Hahaha! Ok na to as a birthday gift. :)

      Ano pa ba ikukwento ko, hmmm, ayun namatay pala yung isang aso ko, si Oreo. Yung isa naman, si Wackie, nakaadmit pa ngayon. haay. Grabe iyak ko nung nawala na si Oreo. Uso daw kasi virus sa mga aso ngayon. Buti pa mga pusa at askal ang titibay ng resistensya. Naka-dextrose si Wackie ngayon nandun sa vet. 2nd day na nya dun. Sana gumaling na sya.

      Trending nga pala kahapon yung Coleen Perlas. Pero separate blog na yun. Ayoko isama dito. :))

      Anyway, I'm back everyone!! :)