Sunday, 26 May 2013


     This morning as I turned on the television, I was able to watch Bo Sanchez in his Sunday Kerygma episode. I was moved. Every word he said moved me and made me realize what a simple world this is. He had an activity, a personality test so I grabbed a paper and a pen. I'm one of the melancholic ones. Those who are reserved, perfectionist, etc. While he was explaining the strengths and weaknesses, I was like, "Hey that's me! that's me!" 

     He said that God will use our transformed personality to bless the world. Wow. Everyone has a unique personality. Everyone is unique, from the shape of our thumb, our face, our fingerprints. Even twins have unique characteristics. That made me realize that God really loves us so much because he created us in a unique way.

     When the program was over, I decided to check out his website and read his blogs. His first two blogs was very inspiring and I could not stop reading. It's like I thirst for more. I wonder where he got his ideas. It seems like he never runs out of it.

     A great inspiration indeed. If you are finding something that can motivate you in life, try to read his blogs and subscribe to his newsletters. You won't regret it. Just go to . 

     Many years have passed and I kept on searching for something that can help me with my spiritual health. Thanks to Bro. Bo, I now have something to reflect everyday. His words both in his talks and blogs are easy to understand. That's what makes it more interesting and inspiring to read.

     Hmmm, what else? I am thinking about my grammar. Hehe! It's been a long time that I have written serious english blogs. My grammar may not be that good now. I'll cope up on that one. I'll just have to read and read and write a lot again.

     Let me leave you with a phrase that struck me the most today.


     God bless everyone. :)

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