Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Batangas trip

     Last Sunday we went to Batangas because the mother of my Uncle had her medical check up. So my brother had to go there because the patient cannot walk anymore. Hmm, nothing much to blog about this. I was with  Ate JB, Auntie Cora, Kuya Jojo, Uncle Jun, Tita Maricel, and the my two little cousins.

We arrived at lunch time and then when we left their house we ate at Banay-Banay. It was my second time to eat there. The Bulalo was yummy! :)

Upon going home we stopped at Colette's to buy Buko Pies.

Metro Bar

     Last Wednesday we went to Metro Bar for the Mr. and Ms. CAS. It was our College week so that was one of the activities. At first, I didn't want to go because I was too lazy. But since my friends told me to come, I did. Haha, I know the feeling of not being able to attend activities so since my mom approved I grabbed the chance. :D

I had fun with my friends. Good thing I decided to attend the event. Oh, about my dress. I just bought it the day before the event. So, everybody enjoyed the party then almost everybody danced after the program.

Picture with Bret. He was one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.
Of course Ate Cheche. She's my friend. Haha.. But still, she's a celebrity.
At last! I finally met Bekimon. Just 2 weeks ago when I found out about him. So good think I already knew who he was.

I also have a picture with Shay Bustamante, also from PBB. But I don't know how to rotate pictures here.

This is the very first party I attended that lasted until 12mn. LOL!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September ends.

     I just remembered the song "Wake me up when september ends" by Green Day. Since it's cold, I'll blog about what had happened this month. O.o Hmm, as of this moment I can't remember a thing. haha! It's seems I had amnesia already. So I have to look for my pictures here in my lappy so that I will remember. :D

I had some moments with ate Cheche Tolentino. She's very nice. She was my classmate last year in Nihonggo and other Major subjects in Mass Communication. What I liked about her is that she is very intelligent. :)
In this picture I'm with Ate Anna. :) She was also my classmate before. And we're sisters! I love her! She's a very good friend of mine. I am very proud to be her friend. :)
This picture was taken in Naia 3 (I think). My mom arrived here in Manila to check  if I'm all right and also to see Kuya Jojo's son. :) It's her first apo. ^_^
Hmm next folder. Haha! Those pictures were taken during the first week of September. Here's the rest.
Uhmm, THIS. haha! We went to Cubao just to get a picture of this with no specific purpose. LOL!
You won't see the pressure on our faces. After that picture has been captured, we  had a recitation. Our class in Media Law and Ethics was a nightmare but we faced it with courage. O.o
Haha, the Videoke bonding with Tatay. It was fun! I enjoyed that day after their work in NBN.  I will miss those moments and yes it will be treasured. :)

I still have more pictures for this month of September but I think I need to put it in a new entry. :) So, this will be it for this entry. :D


Monday, 26 September 2011

It's Raining. What happened last August?

     I want to go to SM Marikina but it's raining. I haven't been there for a very long time. I haven't blogged for almost 2 months already and I hate it! I've been too busy with school works that I had no time to write. Now I have to remember everything that had happened for the past two months. Hmm..

Top L to R:Me and Princess Joy
Bottom L to R: Pauline, Meng, Dibs and Irene

     If I remember it right, that was my last blog in my blog. Okay. I hate it when I make new blogs because I think making new sites will take forever! So I have to promise myself to stick to one blog. I made a new one because of personal reasons. Darn it! Hmm, so that picture was taken in ChickBoy in Cubao. Me and my friends ate there.
In these pictures, me and my friends had a movie date. We watched "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" then there we met Ms. Cory Vidanes.

     Yeah then we went to NBN. I'll miss my friends there. Tatay, Ma'am Bianca, Sir Toni, Ma'am Liberty and Sir Joseph. :) I enjoyed my experiences there. :)

     We suprised Tatay Ramon during our Broadcast Journalism class. It was his birthday. We prepared a cake and a big card with all our dedications written on it. It was fun because at first, no one greeted him. Then we had a quiz. Haha! After that we surprised him with a Birthday song and then handed him the gifts.

Second to the last day in NBN :)

L to R: Ma'am Hinanay, Rachell, Me
Linggo ng Wika. Me and my friends attended the Singing Contest. Rachel won the competition. She had a great voice. I admired the high notes! Even though there was a technical problem, she continued singing without any mistakes. :) Bravo!