Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September ends.

     I just remembered the song "Wake me up when september ends" by Green Day. Since it's cold, I'll blog about what had happened this month. O.o Hmm, as of this moment I can't remember a thing. haha! It's seems I had amnesia already. So I have to look for my pictures here in my lappy so that I will remember. :D

I had some moments with ate Cheche Tolentino. She's very nice. She was my classmate last year in Nihonggo and other Major subjects in Mass Communication. What I liked about her is that she is very intelligent. :)
In this picture I'm with Ate Anna. :) She was also my classmate before. And we're sisters! I love her! She's a very good friend of mine. I am very proud to be her friend. :)
This picture was taken in Naia 3 (I think). My mom arrived here in Manila to check  if I'm all right and also to see Kuya Jojo's son. :) It's her first apo. ^_^
Hmm next folder. Haha! Those pictures were taken during the first week of September. Here's the rest.
Uhmm, THIS. haha! We went to Cubao just to get a picture of this with no specific purpose. LOL!
You won't see the pressure on our faces. After that picture has been captured, we  had a recitation. Our class in Media Law and Ethics was a nightmare but we faced it with courage. O.o
Haha, the Videoke bonding with Tatay. It was fun! I enjoyed that day after their work in NBN.  I will miss those moments and yes it will be treasured. :)

I still have more pictures for this month of September but I think I need to put it in a new entry. :) So, this will be it for this entry. :D


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