Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday fun. :)

     This  is my third blog using my iPad. :D Today I bought a wireless keyboard. I get lazy when using the iPad keyboard. Haha! That'll ruin my I-want-to-write-a-blog mood. This is cool! Haha! I think I'm going to get a PC tomorrow. I'm not sure though.

     Anyway, I want to upload pics of today but this iPad says that I need to download Google+ so it's still downloading until now. XD 

     I saw a Ford Mustang this afternoon in the parking area of the Ever Gotesco Mall.

     Uhrrgh! If the download doesn't finish after I have written this blog, I'll just post the pictures tomorrow. Some pictures are in my instagram so you might want to check it out. It's "annmercadoofficial"..

     I played billiards today and I am oh so getting better. Haha! Watch out! XD

     Hmmm, what else?..

     This entry is a total disaster. Haha!

     That will be all. Goodnight.

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