Saturday, 1 October 2011

October.. :)

     September was the fastest month I ever had in my life. Haha!.. This morning I just realized, "October na pala. Parang kelan lang." It was like, yesterday was September 1 and now it's October 1. :D All I can say is that September was a blast and I enjoyed it! There were lot's of problems but I conquered it. Treasured the happy and sad moments. Happy moments with my friends and sad moments that gave me lessons in life. That's the great part, learning lessons that you can't learn in school. Life lessons. :)

     Today, I had fun. Again. Haha! :) I realized that true friends will always be there for you no matter annoying, cute and "makulit" they are. About love, I have learned that you don't need to look for it, it comes when it comes.

     This morning I was late because I woke up late. Haha! But when I arrived in school, the lecture just started. It was about the Teleplay that we are going to do for our script writing finals. Then during the Media Law and Ethics Class we didn't have recitation but we discussed Libel, Oral Defamation etc. After class we went to the canteen and bought something to drink. Then we went to our Radio Production class. There we met our new group mates for the Radio Drama and the production staff were assigned and we discussed our story. Then our Radio Drama will be a horror/suspense story because that was the genre that was assigned to us. My role is the Technical Director. Haha, I was an announcer at the very start of our Radio Prod class. Then for the next productions, I was always the Technical Director and still at the very end I was still the Technical Director. Haha!.. It's okay because I love what I'm doing. I've been doing that for more than a month already and I think I can handle it. :) Hahaha. :)

     After class Cess and I ate at Dunkin Donuts first before going home. We talked about things that happened today and we were so happy. :D There was indeed a positive attitude today. No bad vibes. Well, even if there wass, I won't be affected. :) All I can say is, I was happy! :)

That will be all for today. Till next blog. :D

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