Friday, 28 October 2011

Good Grades!

     I am not grade conscious. Since my average is 1.25, I'm all good. That's all I need. My parents and my brothers are all proud of me. I will exert more effort next semester. I'll just maintain that average. :) no less than 1.5  .. so that I can have my Masters Degree in Quebec, Canada. :) My mom was very proud of me, she was thanking me a hundred times for my good grades. For Media Law and Ethics, whew! That was close. I thought I was going to get a 3.00 but thank you Lord I was given a 2.25. I never thought at some point in my life I could gain those grades. Well, I can say that I really exerted effort last semester. Before, my mom wanted my to be a nurse so in 1st year college I took nursing. Even though my grades were high, I was not happy so I asked my mom if I could shift to Mass Communication. She agreed with me because all she ever wanted was what will make me happy. She said, "kung saan ka masaya suportahan kita." Then, I was so happy because I could study what I wanted and do what I want. I promised her that I will never fail any subject because I love my course and I love what I do.

     I miss being a DJ. haha!.. :D

     I am very very proud of myself. I thought I could not study hard without my parents with me but I did. Now I can say that I can take care of myself. :) haha!.. :)

     I am currently reviewing for the Civil Service Exam. I don't know when will be the examination but I will review first. :) Anyway, here's an update on what I did for the past few days...

For 2 and a half weeks already, I've been addicted to veggies. I've decided to have a healthy lifestyle. ^^,

The day I got pissed and cried for stupid people. Those who doesn't deserve my tears. Corrupt! I don't want to discuss that issue further. 

And after that I went to the University of the East and applied for an entrance exam. Haha! We didn't enroll because we will be 2nd years again. There was this rule that transferees will only credit 50% of the subjects. So only 3 semesters will be credited and we'll be back to the 2nd year level. Haha so we decided to finish the almost 1 year studies in TUA. Isang taon na lang ng pagtitiis. :))

Yesterday we watched the movie Praybeyt Benjamin. The movie was great, I laughed so hard. And oh, the CBB News in the movie was taped in NBN. Haha! The tower, building and studio was so familiar. Haha! That will be all for today. Tomorrow we'll be in Loyola to prepare for Sunday. :)

Good Night Isprayt. :))

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