Thursday, 13 October 2011

I will miss Radio Production..

I will miss our Radio Production Class with Tatay Mon. :)

     The last radio production (Radio Drama) was a blast. Haha! I didn't even know that we were able to surpass all the radio productions that we had. Now that it has ended, it's our time to miss it. We enjoyed every moment of our last production. I will miss all the cramming and planning and also those times when we had to do our radio production on the spot (because we didn't have any practice at all haha!) but realized that it was perfectly done compared to those productions that we practiced.  LOL! So, don't practice? haha.

     Anyway, I had fun. At first, I was afraid of this subject because I didn't know what to do but later on I realized that I have understood so many things that it didn't give me any difficulties in this subject.

   I love 3MC01. :) FOREVER. ^_^

And of course, the second greatest father in the world.. Tatay Ramon Nunez. ^_^

I'm living away from my parents. My dad and I aren't so close. So thanks to Tatay Mon I felt that I have a father here in Manila. :) Thanks Tatay!.. ^_^

      Okay, on Monday me and my classmates will go for a swim. That'll be fun!.. :)

Good night!.. :)

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