Thursday, 6 December 2012


Hello there!
Uhrggh, I hate it when I skip a couple of days not writing in this blog.
I was busy with my buy and sell business. Yes I have a business and I am selling secondhand cars. :)

I have a lot to tell you dear followers.

I got 15 gift checks worth 100 each.. so, I got to eat at Tempura in Tomas Morato.. :D there's still 5 more left so there will be additional blogs to write too. LOL! I ate sushi! Lots and lots of sushi! Haha! I'll blog about it soon.

Also, I am craving for a good book. I haven't read a book this year. I am sooo craving for that.

Anyway, that will be it for now. :D

Till next blog! :D

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